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REX Global-Yota Devices deal pushed under revised plan

Hong Kong-listed REX Global Entertainment Holdings has entered into a new deal in relation to the acquisition of a stake in Russia’s Yota Devices. This is an article with an exclusive interview with Vladislav Martynov, the CEO of Yota Devices.
EJ Insight, Hong Kong Economic Journal Link to Story

Policy support is crucial to SAR's transition to a modern smart city

Every city has a heart, as the saying goes. But now, the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) may give our city a brain as well. Internet technologies unlock a city's potential to tackle urban issues in ways previously thought impossible. The term IoT has been coined to describe how a network of connected gadgets - using sensors, wireless networks and other technologies - has become an integral part of urban life.
China Daily (HK Edition) Link to Story

The Rationality Behind Art Investment

Investing is sometimes referred to as an irrational behavior and art itself often appears subjective. But not many realize that art investment can be a rational game. What should investors consider before they bet on art?
Hong Kong Private Banking Journal Link to Story

Tigre de Cristal counts on unique position, tourism under penetration

Summit Ascent Holdings is counting on the under penetration of the North Asian markets and its head start in the Primorye gaming zone to ensure the success of its new Tigre de Cristal property in Russia’s Far East. Speaking to AGB, Eric Landheer, Director - Corporate Finance and Strategy of Summit Ascent Holdings says the resort has a unique market position and is one of the only true integrated resorts in northern Asia.
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Pitching to investors: lessons learned by local entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley

While a new generation of entrepreneurs is emerging in Hong Kong, both local and from abroad, young business bosses still face challenges in securing seed capital from local financial resources. The big question is what differentiates those start-ups that succeed in attracting private investment from those who do not, and what makes a difference when pitching business to private investors.
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Hong Kong social enterprises on an upward trajectory

Social enterprises (SEs) are seen as an innovative way of tackling various issues which concern the community by setting up new businesses which usually operate on a not-for-profit basis. But what remains unclear is how many of the entrepreneurs behind these initiatives are able to maintain the early enthusiasm and momentum and how many of these enterprises have been turned into a self-supporting venture.
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Why bet on an MBA in France?

Is there any benefit in looking at France as an alternative to the US when doing your MBA?
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Umbrella Movement in the eyes of witness

Hong Kong might be losing its pride in having “Asia’s finest police force” after the umbrella movement. However, we take pride in having the world’s arguably most polite protesters ever. Link to Story

Ukraine Pushes China And Russia Together

The inaugural China-Russia Expo, attended by 1,500 exhibitors in July in Harbin, illustrates the momentum that bilateral relations have gained since the Chinese-Russian "gas deal of the century" was signed in May. But despite several positive signs in Chinese-Russian relations this year, how closely can the two countries cooperate?
The Moscow Times Link to Story

I was renting a room in Sochi

“His name is Anatoly,” my buddy in Sochi, Aleksandr, introduced the landlord to me. Anatoly lived in an old building in the suburb area of Sochi, which was only 15-minute far from the city centre by bus. The gate of his building was rotted, and walking up the stairs with an awful smell was an unforgettable experience. Link to Story

Kazakhstan to become the winner of Sino-Russian Great Game

Given its geographical location and abundant natural resources, Kazakhstan has strategic importance to both China and Russia. Despite the milestone agreement of Eurasian Economic Union signed, Kazakhstan remains a close economic cooperation with China and the agreement even presents opportunities for Chinese businessman. With the tremendous potentials of Eurasian Economic Union and Sino-Kazakh economic cooperation, Kazakhstan's ambition to become the top 30 global economies by 2050 is not mission impossible.
Yazhou Zhoukan Link to Story

Cotai 2.0 to drive Macao’s next expansion phase

Macao, which overtook the Las Vegas strip to become the world’s biggest gambling hub in 2006, is now looking forward to the next stage in its development. To date, growth in Macao’s $45.2 billion gambling industry has been built on resorts located on a narrow strip of land known as Cotai 1. Located between Taipa and Coloane islands, Cotai is a piece of reclaimed land of 5.2 square kilometres and is expected to form the basis for a wave of future development, known as Cotai 2.0. By the end of 2017, all six of Macao’s gaming concessionaires will have completed multi-billion dollar projects on the strip.
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Brian Yeung

I'm an independent contributor and consultant with focus on geopolitics, entrepreneurship and sustainability. I cover international events, contribute opinion pieces and provide original comments for more than 10 Chinese, English and Russian media including print, online and broadcast.

In my capacity as a consultant, I organised business events including Russian biomedical start-ups and South-East Asia (Singapore), Croatia's future leaders in banking (Hong Kong) and the inaugural China & the World: TV and online opportunities conference (Shanghai).

I was a speaker and moderator of several conferences including Mikhailov & Partners Discussion Breakfast (Russia), Rhodes Youth Forum 2014 (Greece) and eBay CEO Management Series III eCommerce Maximiser (Hong Kong) .

In prior to my independent career, I was the first social and digital media executive of The Economist's Events and Thought-Leadership in Asia Pacific.